Can You Decline The Return Of a Stolen Car?

3 min readDec 8, 2023
Can You Decline The Return Of a Stolen Car?

It is not different for people to be victims of car theft. An estimated one vehicle is stolen in Malaysia every 75 minutes, costing drivers billions. A stolen vehicle does not necessarily mean it is gone forever, as many victims of car theft manage to retrieve their vehicles. But what if you do not want your car anymore once you get it back? It might have some damages — or you’ve already purchased a new vehicle since the theft occurred. Find out what you can do if you recover a stolen car and how your auto insurance might respond. It doesn’t matter what you drive; you need insurance. To find the best rates near you, click here.

What If I Want To Reject My Stolen Car?

The next step is to decide what to do with the vehicle. Sometimes, you think of avoiding recouping the car (or forfeiting any insurance benefits associated with its theft). So, is it possible to reject it? There is no simple answer. Your insurance provider determines the compensation for your stolen car. A variety of factors may be taken into consideration when determining whether or not your stolen car is covered:

— In how long has the car been reported stolen?

— You opened a claim when

— Your auto insurance policy’s coverage

— Whether the vehicle has been damaged or stripped

Insurance companies usually require a waiting period before issuing compensation, sometimes around a month. When your car is recovered within this window or soon after you file an insurance claim, you will likely not be able to reject the vehicle without also forfeiting any benefits you may have received from the lawsuit. By its recovery, you may have already been paid out for the claim so that it may become the insurance company’s property. It may only sometimes be possible for you to reject the car, but sometimes the insurer will choose the option for you.

Can I Keep My Car If I Want To?

You must consult a claims adjuster to keep your stolen and recovered vehicle. Claim adjusters are insurance professionals who determine whether any damage occurred to the car while it was out of your possession, how much that damage cost, and how it affected the vehicle’s value. You won’t be liable for the damage without comprehensive insurance coverage. A payout may be available depending on your policy and the adjuster’s assessment, or the insurance company may provide other vehicle repair options.

What Do I Do When I Have My Recovered Car?

If someone stole your car, the first thing you should do is call the police. Next, you should contact your insurance company. As a result, a record of the theft with its characteristics is below; those include:

— License plate number

— Make, model, and color

— Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

— Other identifying physical characteristics

What to do depends on who saw it.

— They usually find a recovered car by its registered owner or police. If the police find your vehicle, they should advise you on how to proceed.

— If you find your stolen vehicle, you should immediately contact the police and your insurance company. Drive the car after some time. It is because to several reasons:

— There is no way to determine if the vehicle has any damage that could make driving dangerous.

— Pulling over is risky for driving a stolen car if your car is still listed as stolen by the police.

— Moving the vehicle could destroy potentially helpful evidence.

Contacting the authorities will cancel the stolen vehicle alert, and your title will record the recovery.

Take Steps To Protect Your Investment

Your insurance policy will determine whether you receive benefits for your stolen vehicle. No matter what you decide to do with your recovered vehicle or what vehicle, you choose to purchase, be sure to cover it with a new policy. You never know when a costly and unexpected event will threaten your primary mode of transportation. That’s why comprehensive auto insurance is so crucial.

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