Exploring Government Insurance Schemes: What’s Available for You?

4 min readMay 19, 2023


Exploring Government Insurance Schemes: What's Available for You?

COVID-19 has raised our awareness of the importance of insurance. A private hospital may charge high if you get an illness that requires extensive treatment. Even though public health care is cheaper, some medicines or surgeries are not government-covered, so you would still have to pay for them at a government clinic or hospital. You may also need to pay some of the cost, even if your company’s medical insurance covers you. Consequently, you may have a lot of debt if you don’t have your medical insurance. For family members who depend on you financially, it might be a good idea to prepare them if you pass away or are physically unable to work. A life insurance plan would be the best option in this scenario. However, what if you cannot afford your medical or life insurance policy? Perhaps you should check one of the insurance plans offered by government-sponsored companies, such as mySalam and Perlindungan Tenang.

What Is mySalam Policy?

In mySalam, those with critical illnesses receive free medical Takaful. At present, mySalam automatically provides to Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) recipients that fall under any of these categories:

— Individuals between 18 and 65 years old who are married.

— Individuals between the ages of 40 and 65 earn less than an annual income of RM24,000 (RM2,000 a month).

— Persons with disabilities between 18 and 65 gain less than RM24,000 a year (RM2,000 a month).

What Is Perlindungan Tenang Policy?

Perlindungan Tenang protects life insurance and Takaful for people in the B40 group. Coverage amounts will vary according to how much is the payment premiums.

How does it work?

mySalam & Perlindungan Tenang

You should have received an SMS alert about mySalam coverage if registered under BSH. You could send an email to info@mysalam.com.my if you did not receive an email or call 1–300–888–938. Government hospitals or hospitals approved by the military and universities can only use the scheme. Click here for the list of participating hospitals. The majority of Perlindungan Tenang plans are available online or through registered agents. Agrobank and other banks also offer these plans. Click here for more information. All plans should be easy to understand and have a straightforward claims process. Companies make payment claims within five working days after completion.

What Types Of Protection Are Available?

mySalam & Perlindungan Tenang

Medical Coverage

You’re eligible for a one-time cash payout of RM8,000 if you’re diagnosed with one of the 45 critical illnesses and RM50 per day if hospitalization up to 14 days is needed. You can now claim up to RM50 per day for 14 days under the COVID-19 plan. You can also file a critical illness claim if you are diagnosed with one of the 45 acute illnesses covered by mySalam due to health complications due to COVID-19.

Life Insurance

You can get life insurance for your dependents if you pass away or become permanently disabled (depending on your Policy). The complete list of life insurance plans under Perlindungan Tenang is available here.

Family Takaful

It is a Shariah-compliant life insurance policy that provides a lump sum of money to your dependents if you die or become permanently disabled.

General Insurance

Plans like these usually cover your home’s fire insurance. For a complete list of Perlindungan Tenang plans, click here.

What Are The premiums/Takaful Contributions?

mySalam & Perlindungan Tenang


Life insurance: Coverage ranges from RM6,000 to RM25,000 per month, with optional coverage of up to RM100,000. Family Takaful plans: Coverage levels start at RM39 and go up to RM195 yearly.

General insurance: An annual coverage amount of RM10,000 is approximately RM75 ringgit.

What You Need To know

mySalam & Perlindungan Tenang

Verify Your BSH Registration.

If you want to claim benefits, you can do so through the mySalam claims portal or the mySalam website. Your doctor must fill out a claim form to send in. You will also need to make a different arrangement if hospitalized. If your claims are approved, you’ll receive your payment within two weeks of sending your documents. You’ll receive the funds in your registered bank account for the BSH scheme. Don’t forget to update your bank details if the scheme does not include yours.

MySalam coverage’s expansion was under Budget 2021 to include medical devices such as heart stents and prosthetics. Do not deal with anyone other than authorized agents and companies. Please refer to the links provided for life insurance and general insurance providers to verify a company’s approval. Takaful plans are also listed here. See which plan fits your budget the best by comparing a few. Consider a plan with more coverage if you have family who depends on you financially. Choose a beneficiary among your dependents. This individual will receive the funds if anything happens to you. Make sure they know who you have chosen!

Explain your rights and responsibilities to your agent or company, and make sure you understand them. Make sure your beneficiary knows how to make a claim; how you make claims will vary if you get your plan from a Takaful or insurance company.

From 1 April 2021, eligible B40 recipients will receive an RM50 voucher for Perlindungan Tenang products. As of 2025, Perlindungan Tenangs with an annual contribution or premium value of up to RM100 will be exempt from stamp duty.

Although these plans can be helpful for people who cannot afford standard insurance/Takaful plans, you should know that they may not offer as much coverage or benefits as your regular insurance/Takaful plans. Even so, it’s better to have insurance than no insurance. If you want coverage or are just learning about it, look into mySalam or Perlindungan Tenang, so you have some financial and medical protection!




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