Understanding The Legal Obligations For Reporting a Stolen Car

3 min readMay 13, 2024
Understanding The Legal Obligations For Reporting a Stolen Car

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your car to theft in Malaysia — you’re not alone. Car theft is among the most frequent crimes in Malaysia, according to the Crime Statistics, Malaysia, 2023 report. Before you call the police and file a report about your stolen car, let’s review Malaysia’s legal requirements for reporting a stolen car.

Steps To Report a Stolen Car In Malaysia

Check If It Is a Stolen Car

You should check if it is a stolen car before filing a report. Sometimes, people must remember where they parked their vehicles and consider them stolen or towed. Contacting parking attendants or local towing companies before reporting a theft is always a good idea.

Gather The Necessary Documentation

You must have all your car’s documentation available. It includes your vehicle’s registration, insurance papers, and proof of car ownership. Before reporting a theft to the police, be sure you have all these documents.

File a Police Report

The next step is to file a police report. You will write to the police about the theft, a crucial step. Detailed information about the theft should be in the report, such as the date, time, location, and car description. Include the registration number, make, model, color, and other details you can identify about the car. The police will use this information to create a “be on the lookout” (BOL) alert for your car, and distribute it to all the police stations in the area. Any witnesses to the crime or tipsters will be asked for their contact information by the police. Remember to give the police the contact information of anyone who sees anything suspicious.

Police Investigation

When the police receive a report, they will begin an investigation. They will conduct an interview, review surveillance footage, and search your car. If the vehicle has a GPS or tracking system, they may try to locate it by looking at it. They may also check scrapyards and chop shops for car parts. If they recover your car, the police will impound it while their investigation is ongoing. The process may take some time, so prepare for a period when you cannot drive your car.

Contact Insurance Company

It would help if you also informed your insurance provider of the theft. They will likely request a copy of the police report and may also begin an investigation of their own. Depending on your policy’s terms, you can claim compensation for your car’s loss.

Return Of The Car

They will return your car if the police recover it. However, remember that it might not be in the same condition as it may have been damaged during theft or while in the thief’s hands. When the police cannot locate your car, they will close the case and mark it “unresolved.” However, if new information becomes available, they may reopen it.


Those are the basics of reporting a stolen car in Malaysia. The process may seem tedious and frustrating, but returning your beloved car is worth it. Take precautions to protect your vehicle against theft by not leaving it running unattended.




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